How do the subscriptions work?

You buy a 3 mth subscription Gift Pack or product. You pay upfront for the initial gift and for the 3 months subscription for products with refills or updates, and for 3 months of shipping. The gift receiver receives the initial gift the first month, and refills in months 2 and 3. Each pack clearly describes which products have monthly refills (like soap) and which are once off (like brushes).

Yes! Simply select the products you would like in your subscription from the products menu. When selecting products for your own use, most customers prefer the monthly subscription option. So choose products without the '3 mth gift subscription', so you can choose to purchase once off or on a monthly subscription basis.

A 3 mth Gift Subscription is paid upfront by the buyer, including 3 months worth of shipping. So that the recipient just receives a lovely gift each month.

The per month subscription is paid monthly. A per month subscription is more often used by those buying product for themselves, rather than as a gift.

Only the consumables, that is things that need refills or refreshes, get updated each month. Things like brushes, that are a once off purchase, just come in the first Gift Pack. The list of what is refreshed and what is once off is included in the Gift Pack description.

Yes! All of our packs come with a once off purchase option or a 3 month up front gift subscription option. Simply choose the pack without the '3 mth Subscription'.

Questions on Shipping & Delivery

Our 3 mth Subscription Gift Packs and products are fully paid upfront, including shipping. The shipping cost includes a delivery once a month for three months.

We have a flat rate of $9.95 shipping fee on each delivery. Where the shipping fee is higher, this includes more than one shipment.

We are sticking with standard delivery to get started. We will launch express delivery as soon as we can.

The way our packs work, means that whatever is in your cart will be included in one pack, and go to one recipient and one delivery address. If you wish to order multiple packs, you will need to place an order for each pack.

Can I make up my own Gift Pack?

Yes! Simply select products when shopping and confirm that it is a gift when checkout. All items in the checkout will go into one Gift Pack.

Yes. You can do this by selecting the pack and adding it to your cart. Add or swap products in the cart. When you are happy with the contents of your pack, confirm that it is a gift and add your gift message. Purchase the Gift Pack - everything in your cart will be included in one Gift Pack.

How can I check the ethical creds?

Wherever possible we seek to source products from businesses with external third party supply chain credentials, such as Fair Traders of Australia or Fairtrade endorsed products. Where a third party endorsement is not in place, we work with our suppliers to establish the credibility of their supply chain. Endorsements or certifications are included in the details of each product description.

Where possible we seek to source products with third party endorsement of their eco-friendly credentials. Details of eco-friendly aspects of each product are included in the details of the product listing.