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Stainless Steel Pegs Twin Pack

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Stainless steel pegs that are made to last for a lifetime.

In this pack, we offer you an abundance of regular size pegs (40) along with just enough larger ones (10).

The plastic-free pegs are made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, which empowers them to repel any rust or corrosion, regardless of their surrounding weather and environment.

In other words, whether your pegs encounter rain, sand storms, humidity, or even snow, these pegs are indestructible. Not even the sun will make them fade or wear out; they won't even get too hot when exposed to the sun for long!

Accordingly, they're fit for both indoor and outdoor use. The regular size pegs have a 1.7 mm wire that's 5.8 cm long, while the large size ones have a 2 mm wire that's 7.6 cm long; both with robust grip!

Eco Friendly - No Plastic
Indoor / Outdoor use
40x Regular size pegs, 1.7mm wire 5.8cm long
10x Large size pegs, 2mm wire 7.6cm long
Super Strong Grip Strength
316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Will not rust
Will last forever!