Coffee Lovers Gift Pack

Coffee Lovers Gift Pack

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Our beautiful Fairtrade Jasper Coffee is sourced from three regions; Niugina Okapa from Papua New Guinea; Honduras Copan Ruins and East Timor Maubisse.

1 x Niugina Okapa PNG Fairtrade Coffee

1 x Honduras Copan Ruins Fairtrade Coffee

1 x East Timor Maubisse Fairtrade Coffee

1 x Handmade Hand-painted Mug

Each coffee is 250g, ground for plunger or stovetop.

Handmade Hand-painted Mugs come in several beautiful designs, hand-painted by artisans in Hebron Palestine.

Niugina Okapa PNG Fairtrade Coffee is an outstanding sweet washed Bourbon with tasty notes of ripe tropical fruit, and a rich honey finish that will keep you coming back for more. Perfect for When you want a smooth, rich coffee - great with or without milk.

Honduras Copan Ruins Fairtrade Coffee. This coffee experience delivers the scent of vanilla followed by a beautifully smooth sweet cedar-like finish. We recommend this beautiful coffee by brewing in a plunger, as a filter pour-over coffee, or run through an espresso machine

East Timor Maubisse Fairtrade Coffee. Notes of rich dark chocolate and the perfect balance of complexity and strength - it's a fantastic brew from the first sip to the very last. Perfect for the stovetop! With a dash of milk. With a fabulous earthy, peanut body, followed by a rich cocoa finish, this is a crowd pleaser for all the Jasper lovers of Australia. An 'Arabusta' coffee - it'll give you the strength you have been searching for.

This Gift Pack includes

Mug Hand-Painted in Hebron Palestine
Mug Hand-Painted in Hebron Palestine
Fairtrade Jasper Coffee 3 Pack | Niugini Okapa, Honduras Copan Ruins, East Timor Maubisse | All of the Good Things
Fairtrade Jasper Coffee  | East Timor Maubisse | All of the Good Things
Fairtrade Coffee 3 Pack