East Timor Maubisse Fairtrade Coffee

East Timor Maubisse Fairtrade Coffee

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Notes of rich dark chocolate and the perfect balance of complexity and strength - it's a fantastic brew from the first sip to the very last.

Perfect for the stovetop! With a dash of milk

With a fabulous earthy, peanut body, followed by a rich cocoa finish, this is a crowd pleaser for all the Jasper lovers of Australia. An 'Arabusta' coffee - it'll give you the strength you have been searching for.

Region: Ainaro District

Altitude: 800 – 2200m

Growing Conditions: Shade grown

Process: Washed, Sun Dried

Varietal: Arabusta, a unique natural hybrid of arabica and robusta

Origin story, from Jasper Coffee

Jasper Coffee have been roasting East Timor beans since 1998. The earlier lots were from Mt Ramalu, but late in 2000, they moved to the wonderful creamy bodied Maubisse coffee. This coop coffee had more consistency and the quality of flavours elevated. This was achieved by the attention to quality picking, better agronomy practices, and introduction of quality washed processing, along with close attention to the parchment drying.

By 2003, this Maubisse coffee was the first Fairtrade Certified and Organic Certified coffee introduced for roasting to Australia, along with the COOCAFE Fairtrade beans from Costa Rica. Jasper Coffee was the first licensed Fairtrade roaster in Australia and without the initiative of H.A. Bennetts, the Importers, Fairtrade would not be where it has risen today in the Australian market.

This East Timor Maubisse coffee through CCT Coop, is truly the vehicle of Fairtrade in the beginning and today. We have been roasting this unique East Timor Arabusta varietal for all these years and pleased to have been supporting, with our sales of this Fairtrade coffee, some of the poorest people in the World.

With Fairtrade Premium benefits, the Coop has built 8 Medical Care Stations, including a Birthing Center along with 23 mobile medical facilities. These have been used by 2000 people monthly, and now are supported with solar-operated mobile phone charging ports to allow full communication with these remote clinics.