Full Body Care Gift Pack

Full Body Care Gift Pack

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The Full Body Care Gift Pack comes with four brushes for the body, feet, hands and face, a gentle hand-crocheted face cloth for the face, a natural olive oil Shampoo Bar, and Natural Olive Oil Soap.

All body brushes are Plastic-free and biodegradable, made by Fair Trade producers in Sri Lanka.

The hand-crocheted face cloth is made ethically in Bangladesh with unbleached cotton.

Our natural organic olive oil shampoo & soaps are more than 80% olive oil. The shampoo includes Laurel Oil making it great for hair. Nourishing and moisturising natural soaps suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin as it contains no preservatives or artificial perfumes. These hand-cut soaps are made by artisans in Palestine using a 1000+ year tradition. 

1 x Shampoo Bar, 200g

1 x Natural Olive Oil Soap

1 x Cotton Wash Cloth

1 x Face Brush

1 x Nail Brush

1 x Palm Brush

1 x Foot Brush

This Package includes

Shampoo & Body Bar, Natural Organic Olive Oil
Natural Organic Olive Oil Soap
Palm Held Body Brush
Palm Held Body Brush
Nail Brush
Nail Brush
Foot Brush
Hand Crocheted Face Cloth
Face Brush
Face Brush