Pure Soap Suitable for Dogs - 3 mths Gift Subscription

Pure Soap Suitable for Dogs - 3 mths Gift Subscription

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Pure Soap Suitable for Dogs, 3 mth Gift Subscription

Includes 3 x Natural Olive Oil Soap. The first is delivered with the gift, then one each month for months 2 and 3 of the subscription gift.

A nourishing and moisturising natural soap suitable for all skin types, including dogs. Contains no preservatives or artificial perfumes.
Consisting of more than 80 percent organic, virgin olive oil, the finished soap is ivory-coloured with almost no scent.
Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife as Natural and Organic.

Size: 100g (note that as the soap is hand cut, exact weight will vary)

Just 3 Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, and a basic sodium compound made by mixing the powdered ash of the barilla plant that grows along the banks of the River Jordan.


Shipping is in addition to the gift pack cost and is paid upfront for the three months of shipping, so that the gift recipient just receives the subscription each month, fully paid up.