Working Hands Gift Pack, 3mth Gift Subscription

Working Hands Gift Pack, 3mth Gift Subscription

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The perfect gift for people whose work is hard on their hands.

Natural organic olive oil soap is a nourishing and moisturising natural soap suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin as it contains no preservatives or artificial perfumes. 

Ready for scrubbing your nails after a hard day at work or play, the Nail Brush is double sided to effectively scrub hands and clean under nails. The bristles are made from the hard-wearing Tampico fibre which is great at soaking up water ready to release during scrubbing, providing a thorough clean. Plastic-free and biodegradable. Made by Fair Trade producers in Sri Lanka. 

Your gift includes: 

3 x Natural Olive Oil Soap Your first is delivered with the gift, then one each month for months 2 and 3 of your subscription gift. 

1 x Nail Brush

Shipping is in addition to the gift pack cost and is paid upfront for the three months of shipping, so that the gift recipient just receives the subscription each month, fully paid up. 

This Package includes

Natural Olive Oil Soap - 3 mths Gift Subscription
Nail Brush
Nail Brush