Updates on All of the Good Things

Interview with Abbey Pantano, Founder of Seed Spaces Ethical Business Community

Join us to hear about Abbey's journey starting an ethical business community in Glebe, Sydney. We will talk about how it feels to be part of an ethical business community of social entrepreneurs that are all working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the ups and downs of starting a social enterprise. All of the Good Things is part of the community of ethical and sustainable businesses at Seed Spaces. Together we each work within our own businesses towards furthering the sustainable development goals. 

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Making Australia Cling Wrap Free: Interview with Apiwraps Founder, Freya Tasci
In this video we share a conversation with the wonderful Freya Tasci, Founder of Apiwraps who supplies our wax wraps. Freya will share her story of starting her beeswax wraps business and growing it to great success in Australia. We will talk about how we can all help her in her mission to make help Australia create more eco-friendly kitchens and be cling wrap free, by using beeswax wraps.
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Here we go...

For a while now, I have been thinking that most of us want to live a good life. That is, a life that is good for the planet and the people we share our planet with.

None of us wants our fellow travellers to be living in poverty, for our oceans to be full of plastic or for our air to be full of grime. We want to live in a world that has beautiful trees and open spaces with animals and plants that give us joy and inspire wonder.

We want music and colour and laughter. We want a world where we can all enjoy and celebrate life, without destroying the planet or making our or other peoples’ lives worse.

But for some reason, it seems not as easy as it should be for us to do this. Even though, we know at a basic level what we need to do.

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